How could I have possibly known the importance of these words I thought my friend Martha spoke in jest right before we started out on our 26.2 mile journey at the 2010 NYC Marathon. We were in wave three, just getting ready to start out, when Martha looked at me and said, “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin,” gave me a fist bump, and off we started.The thing about the NYC Marathon was this: three years prior I couldn’t walk properly let alone envision running. The idea of running just one marathon would never have crossed my mine prior to being diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2007. And so the Ode to Martha begins.

As an avid runner, you might think my natural inclination would have been to want to train for one of running’s ultimate challenges, i.e. the marathon. However, the sane and rational part of my brain told me that marathons were dangerous, the stuff that only crazy people aspire to. I’d read about people who had actually died running marathons and always assumed it was just good luck that stopped more people from dying while doing so. But then again, I never understood the REAL REASON people chose to run marathons, something so personal and unique to each individual that participates in this event. Just having a REASON. And then I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, lived like an invalid for two years while I battled it, and found MY reason to run again – to join the “crazies” and start my marathon journey.

Martha and me, Oct. 2010, Hartford 13.1Martha seals the deal

There was only one small problem in my plan to train for an run a marathon: I didn’t know anyone who had, let alone know anyone who had Lyme disease did so. How did people do this? How did they get through it AND LIVE? Still, I was undeterred because I had something to prove to myself and something I wanted to do for others. So what if I didn’t personally know anyone who had done this before and lived. But a chance meeting with an old high school friend changed all of that. I ran into Martha when she found out I’d be in her home town for work. We arranged to meet one night,and over dinner with another friend, started to discuss all matter of things. As the night drew on, I confided in both what I had thought of as being my crazy plan – to run a marathon, and not just any marathon, but the NYC Marathon, to which Martha replied, “I ran the Dublin Marathon last year. You’ll love it. I’ll run it with you.”

Martha and Angela post Hartford 1/2 MarathonMusic to my ears (and feet)

The most comforting aspect of having Martha tell me she had run a marathon was her insistence that I COULD run a marathon and that I’d LIVE and be fine and that it would be FUN! When I started training and had my doubts, I’d get in touch with Martha and she’d give me a pep talk and I’d continue on with my training knowing full well Martha was doing the same. Halfway through our training we needed to run a 1/2 marathon and chose to run the Hartford 1/2 Marathon together. It was the furthest I’d ever run, but with Martha by my side, I got through it! We geared up for NYC!

Martha and Angela, NYC Marathon, 2010First we TOOK Manhattan, and NOW we’ll take Berlin

On November 5, 2010, with Martha by my side, I completed the NYC Marathon in 4:12:58. I really thought marathon running for me would be “one and done”, I’d make my point, I’d run once for those with Lyme, and I’d be done. Little did I know that six years and several marathons later, I’d be taking on the Berlin Marathon as my fifth World Major Marathon and the words that Martha spoke to me, to quote Leonard Cohen, “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin” will become a reality. And Martha will be right there with me, running once again by my side, in Berlin. We took on NYC, we’ve got this! #thebigfiveforlyme

View a Recap of our Hartford 13.1 Run

See if you can tell if we have the post runner’s high going on!

ING Hartford Marathon, Oct. 9, 2010 4wks from NYC Marathon from angela coulombe on Vimeo.

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