The Boston Marathon Video Recap

When a lot of runners start to get the hang of marathon running and develop a desire to improve, they set their sites on the Mecca of all marathons; the Boston Marathon. Trying to get your BQ  (Boston Qualifier) becomes your obsession. And when you’ve worked so hard for that moment and it finally happens, you’re on cloud nine. This is my cloud nine moment. (I should add that in 2013 I knew I had qualified for 2014 so I wanted to volunteer at the 2013 marathon. We felt so blessed to have a spot in Sector 6, Finish Line Security. We had no way of knowing how the events of that afternoon would play out, but we would not let that stop us from running in 2014! In fact, we felt 2014 was our year to take back the finish line from fear and terror and restore it to joy, happiness, and overcoming tragedy, making my cloud nine moment even more poignant.)

Boston Marathon 2014 from angela coulombe on Vimeo.

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