Over the year people have been contacting Lymebuddies and Lymerunner with their stories of Lyme, and with information about groups they have started.

One person in particular has touched me with her unique way she handles her Lyme and expresses her everyday life with Lyme. Her name is Julie and she has been keeping an illustrative journal of her everyday experiences with Lyme. Her battle has been going on for many years and keeping this journal has a kind of art therapy for her. To the left is an example of her work (click to enlarge image), and you can check out more at http://lymejello.com

Also, two other resources that have come in this week:

http://www.lymeandback.blogspot.com http://www.LymeConnect.com

If you have a link you’d like listed please contact me at angela@angelacoulombe.com. Thanks.

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