About The Big Five for Lyme

The Big Five for Lyme started as a dream back in 2012 (full story here). After a debilitating 3 year battle with Lyme Disease, I returned to my passion for running and believe it was running that helped me recover to the extent where I could complete a marathon. After my first marathon, the NYC Marathon in 2010, I wanted to try to improve on my running and see if I could qualify for the Boston Marathon. In 2012, that became a reality as I ran the Hartford Marathon and got my Boston Marathon QT. I then signed up to run the Chicago Marathon in 2013. I realized then that I was on a role; I was about to run three of the five leading World Marathon Majors (back in 2012 there were only five, Tokyo was added in 2013, a year after I developed the idea to run the Big Five.). This seemed like the best way to prove that when I was ill with Lyme Disease, I was ONLY sick with Lyme Disease, and that the Infectious Disease doctor who had been so dismissive of my symptoms when I still presented ill after three weeks of standard CDC treatment, was wrong, that I did NOT have arthritis and was not OLD! It seemed like the best way to make a positive difference in the battle against Lyme Disease.

Before Lyme Disease, I would never had thought of running marathons. Post Lyme, I feel stronger knowing that with every marathon I run, I do so to raise awareness about a disease that is so little understood within the medical community as well as within everyday life. I do so to help others who have Lyme and need support, understanding, treatment and answers. I do so in the hope that spreading awareness will prevent others from getting the disease and have to go through the pain and agony many do. I do so because I care passionately about making a positive difference where so many need help. This is why I chose to use my last of the Big Five to raise money to train physicians to help those with Lyme. Without adequately trained physicians who can recognize the symptoms of Lyme Disease, more people may suffer unnecessarily. The Big Five for Lyme is a celebration of recovery that aims to raise money for ILADS’ Physician in Training Program in order to help reduce the instances of Lyme going undetected.

Please help me make a difference by donating to ILADS’ Physicians in Training Program.

And thank you!

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