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Since 2010 I’ve tried to raise awareness about the Lyme disease and to become an advocate for those who are battling Lyme.Below are links to stories I’ve been featured in.

September 29, 2016 WCSH6’s evening program 207

I had the great fortune to share my Berlin Marathon post marathon story with Rob Caldwell and Caroline Cornish on WCSH6’s program 207. We discussed why I run, my struggle with Chronic Lyme disease and how I run ot help others with the disease. Please watch the video of the interview below.

April 26, 2016 – Redbook Magazine

Image from Redbook Magazine online

October 2015 – NECN

NECN interview with Danielle Waugh


I was interviewed by Danielle Waugh of NECN in conjunction with WCSH6 about the findings of researchers at Maine Medical Center that half of Maine’s deer ticks carry Lyme Disease. Watch the video interview (above) or click here to read the article online.

May 2015 – WGME13 and the University of New England

WGME13 and the University of New England hold press conference about Lyme DiseaseOn Tuesday, May 26, 2015, WGME aired a news story about Lyme disease that featured two UNE employees—Angela Coulombe, communications manager of Institutional Advancement, and Meghan May, Ph.D., assistant professor of microbiology.

Coulombe, a marathon runner who is currently in training for her next race in Berlin, shared the story of the long road to recovery that she traveled after being diagnosed with Lyme disease several years ago. Read the full story here: WGME airs segment on Lyme disease, featuring both survivor and expert perspectives at UNE





April 2015 – Self Magazine #BostonStrong: The Most Inspirational Women Who Have Run the Boston Marathon

Self Magazine: #BostonStrong 19 of the most inspirational women runners who have run the Boston MarathonIronically, I was in London, UK, it was the night before the London Marathon which I was preparing to run in, when  Tweet caught my eye. Someone had tweeted that they were honoured to share this list with so many accomplished female runners, including me. Seeing this made me run even harder the next day in London. How humbling to be included in this amazing list of trailblazing women runners. Read the article here.







April 2015 – WCSH6 – The Big Five for Lyme

WCSH6 - Video of the concept The Big 5 For LymeFour down, one to go… a quest that started in 2010….

In October 2007 I was diagnosed  with Lyme Disease. After month’s  of being ill, and knowing nothing about the disease, when I got the diagnosis my first word was, “Hallelujah!” I said that because I believed with a positive diagnosis, an Infectious Disease doctor telling me that with 3 weeks of doxycycline I’d be fine, that I would be fine in 3 weeks time. Again, I knew nothing about Lyme… I had all the symptoms and displayed the symptoms 3 months prior to the diagnosis. Again, I knew NOTHING about Lyme Disease and was just ecstatic to think I could / would once again feel like my old self prior!

To watch the whole story and ready about it, click here.



July 2014 – Runners World Magazine Interview

Runner's World Magazine Photo of Angela Coulombe running on beach I was humbled and honoured to be featured in the July 2014 issue of Runner’s World magazine. Special thanks to Gretchen Voss who wrote the article and David Wright who did an amazing job with the photography! Check out the full story here:





April 2014 – WCSH6 207

207-bostonMarathonMy running buddies Lisa Labonte, Lara Favreau, Karen Fortier and I were all featured on WCSH6’s nightly news magazine program 207 as Mainers running in the Boston Marathon. Our unique story centers on us all volunteering at the finish line in 2013 as the explosions went off. View the video here.




November 2013 – Daily Burn 20 Most Inspiring Runners in the US


Of all the accolades I’ve received over the years, this is by far one of the most special. I am completely humbled to be on this list and extremely grateful to those who thought me worthy of inclusion. “These runners and triathletes have accomplished mind-boggling feats, given back in extraordinary ways, and quite simply refuse to give up. ” Get some tissues ready and read on!







July 2010 – WCSH6 Interview with Sharon Rose Vaznis

I’d like to send out a huge thank you to WCSH6, Portland, Maine for having the courage to launch a four part series about the controversy surrounding Lyme diagnosis, treatment, and for highlighting what it is like to live with Lyme. Kudos to Sharon Rose Vaznis for doing such a tremendous job with this difficult subject. My children were 3 and 8 when I became ill with Lyme. It was hard to explain to my three year old why I could no longer pick him up, why I had to go to bed BEFORE him, why I couldn’t play with him, etc. My sons are now old enough to understand and this series played a huge part in explaining it to them. Thank you for letting the voices of those of us battling Lyme be heard! Also, thank you for compiling information about Lyme, tips to avoid it, resources and more on your website.


July 2010 – Biddeford Saco Journal Tribune

Interview with Biddeford Saco JournalPhoto Caption: Angela Coulombe, of Saco, was diagnosed with Lyme Diease in 2007 but has recovered to the point where she plans to run the New York Marathon this fall, using the event to raise awareness about the disease.
Liz Gotthelf – Staff Writer SACO – in 2007, Angela Coulombe went from being able to kick through a ½ inch piece of pine in Tae Kwon Do to not being able to dress herself. “I went from 100 percent healthy to an invalid in the course of a couple of months. It was frightening,” she said.

That year, Coulombe was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. The excruciating pain made it difficult to sleep at night and her vision decreased. She also suffered neurological symptoms and was in what she called a “constant fog.” One day, she got into her care to drive her sons to school, and realized she did not remember how to operate it. She lived in fear that she would do things that would put her family in danger, like forgetting to lock the doors or turn off the gas stove.“Month after month of that… it wears you down,” she said.

The symptoms began in August of 2007 with swelling and joint pain. She did not know what was wrong, and physical therapy and pain relievers did not help. In September, she reached a breaking point when she was unable to get out of bed one morning to answer the phone and shortly after found the tell-tale target-like rash on her upper left arm. She was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and an infectious disease doctor gave her a three-week prescription for antibiotics and told her she’d be fine. When she still had symptoms after three weeks, he told her it was old age and arthritis.

Coulombe was 43 t the time and had always been athletic. Just before she started having symptoms of Lyme Disease she had run the Beach to Beacon race. She felt the infectious disease doctor was wrong, but she didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, she later found a doctor who was able to help her.

In February of 2008, Coulombe was able to hit the gym again and last month she placed second for women in her age category in the Doc’s Tavern 3-Miler race in Biddeford. This fall, on Nov. 7, Coulombe will run the New York Marathon to raise awareness for Lyme Disease and provide hope to others who suffer from it. Coulombe is also running the marathon to raise money for Lymebuddies, a network created to provide support and information to those with Lyme Disease, since she didn’t know much about it until she was diagnosed.

Coulombe said that she tried to find a reason why she got the disease, and she said that when she was coping with the symptoms, she told herself she would recover so she could help others with Lyme Disease. “I always hung on to the idea I would get better, but I didn’t know when,” she said. While she was trying to make sense of the disease and recover, Coulombe was able to connect with someone online who had Lyme disease who could understand what she was going through and give support. “I think she was my lifeline. I honestly think she saved my life,” she said.

Coulombe has been off Lyme Disease medications since April 2009 and now copes with the disease by lifestyle changes: Getting enough rest, eating healthy and letting go of stress. Coulombe, who has never run a marathon, is currently training in preparation of the run the New York City Marathon in the fall. To help motivate herself, she dedicates each training run to one of her Facebook friends, and posts the dedication on her website Coulombe has what she calls her “Lymerunner posse,” a group of friends and family that will be in New York cheering her on and offering their support.

Coulombe said her experience with Lyme Disease has taught her to be accepting of others and to be more patient. Where as before she had Lyme Disease there may have been times when she was quick to pass judgment, she said she now gives people the benefit of the doubt, remembering what is was like to try to cope with her symptoms. The experience has also made her more cautious, and she follows practices such as keeping her lawn cut to prevent ticks in the yard and doing regular tick checks. For more information on Lymebuddies, go to – Staff Writer Liz Gotthelf can be contacted at 282-1535. Ext 325. or


Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to have been interviewed by a few people who have greatly helped me spread the word about Lyme Disease. Here are a few links to various podcasts I’ve been featured on. If you would like to speak with me, please contact me at Thanks for helping me spread the word!

Runner Girls
February 4, 2016: This week Meagan, Katie, and Sue are joined by Angela Coulombe from to talk about living and running with Lyme Disease, and her quest to conquer the Big Five for Lyme.

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